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updated 10:48 AM EDT, Wed September 21, 2022
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is urging members of his conference to vote against any funding bill that does not address a migration surge at the U.S.-Mexico border. “If Biden & Democrats don’t use this government funding... Read Full Story ››
With one sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon spoke for the majority of Americans who no longer have faith in the nation’s... Read More ››
Why does inflation continue to plague American households? Part of the problem stems from monetary policies the Federal Reserve put into... Read More ››
Perhaps you can start to see why I was unimpressed with the residents of Martha’s Vineyard for harboring 50 migrants for two days before sending... Read More ››
Over the past few decades, very few real fighters have been in positions of power in the Republican Party. Exceptions to this rule were tremendous leaders... Read More ››
Busses arrived in Edgartown, Massachusetts, Friday morning to ship out the 50 illegal migrants who arrived at the New England destination at Martha’s... Read More ››
Current and former FBI agents have come forward saying the Biden administration is deliberately exaggerating the danger posed by white supremacists. They... Read More ››
Republicans seeking to take back Congress must pledge to hold America’s COVID-19 tyrants accountable and stand up for the American people by... Read More ››
Congressional Republicans in both the House and Senate seem distracted at best, which may be one reason why Americans are so bothered and angry at... Read More ››
Republicans are done taking the Biden administration’s assault on liberty sitting down, claimed Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas… Read More... Read More ››
There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Senate Democrats have passed more legislation than anyone thought possible in an evenly divided upper chamber with... Read More ››
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