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updated 10:14 AM EDT, Wed December 06, 2023
Lawmakers say Congress could be closing in on a deal on 12 annual funding bills, as the House and Senate race to reach a compromise in time to avert a shutdown next month. Republicans in both chambers say they expect to be close to the... Read Full Story ››
A key Republican senator said Tuesday that lawmakers cannot trust the FBI on issues related to warrantless surveillance of Americans because the bureau... Read More ››
Tensions are high in the Senate as negotiations falter on a border deal that is necessary to pass President Joe... Read More ››
Donald Trump represents an existential threat to the ruling class' money, power, and influence. To many voters, though, he is the only option... Read More ››
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Sunday labeled Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as “naive” for saying Israel risks a... Read More ››
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is sending subpoenas to two former Biden administration officials who pressured social media companies into... Read More ››
Senators are at an impasse in their negotiations on a bipartisan border security deal to be included in President Joe... Read More ››
As it turns out, however, Joe Biden’s vice-presidential choice unwittingly has underwritten an even more valuable insurance policy for Republicans... Read More ››
Democrats are finally facing their day of reckoning with Black voters, and their waning support for President Joe Biden is only half the story…... Read More ››
Javier Milei's media appearances may be colorful, but that all serves a purpose: a determination to make massive change to Argentina's economic... Read More ››
As Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, pointed out, not only does the Biden administration want to tie critical aid for Israel to Ukraine, but "also more broadly... Read More ››
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