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updated 10:17 AM EDT, Wed February 20, 2019
A Republican political strategist said the Democrats’ demise in 2020 will be caused by the progressive faction of the party. “Democrats seem to have responded to the election of Mr. Trump not by pushing forward sensible, moderate... Read Full Story ››
Sixteen states, led by California, filed a lawsuit Monday against the administration of President Donald Trump over the president’s decision to use... Read More ››
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is reportedly set to exit the Justice Department sometime next month, according to CNN, Fox News, Reuters and other... Read More ››
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is "very inclined" to declare a national emergency to... Read More ››
President Trump signaled Sunday that declaring a national emergency to circumvent Congress and build a southern border wall remains an option for him after... Read More ››
A California-based federal appeals court on Monday sided with the Trump administration in lawsuits brought by states and environmental groups... Read More ››
The State of the Union did serve one purpose for Democrats: It diverted attention from the 10 dreadful days the party had suffered—days that revealed... Read More ››
Lawmakers on Thursday said they are closing in on an agreement to prevent a second partial government shutdown and resolve the months-long fight over... Read More ››
President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday strengthening the "Buy American" provisions for federally-funded infrastructure... Read More ››
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said Sunday an "outside observer" is needed to resolve the border wall funding dispute between the White House and... Read More ››
President Donald Trump on Monday taunted Howard Schultz, who is considering a 2020 presidential bid, tweeting that the former Starbucks CEO... Read More ››
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