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updated 02:00 PM EDT, Wed December 11, 2019
Democrats running for president face a difficult decision on whether to embrace a revamped trade deal with Mexico and Canada that is backed by the AFL-CIO and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but also represents a significant victory for President Donald... Read Full Story ››
The top leaders of DHS and ICE visited Raleigh, North Carolina, on Monday to discuss immigration enforcement with local elected officials and to hear from... Read More ››
Former President Barack Obama reportedly told a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate that his former Vice President Joe Biden doesn't have what it... Read More ››
A moderate Democrat in Pennsylvania’s state Senate from an area that shifted decisively to support Donald Trump in 2016’s... Read More ››
More independents oppose the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump than support them, according to a recent poll conducted after the... Read More ››
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell met with President Donald Trump on Monday at the White House for only the second time since he took over as Fed chief... Read More ››
The House is set to vote Tuesday on a funding stopgap measure to prevent a government shutdown, pushing the deadline for an agreement from Nov. 21 to Dec.... Read More ››
The Republican Main Street Partnership is beginning to build a “farm team” to help the GOP recapture the House from Democrats come 2022…... Read More ››
Sen. Lindsey Graham said the Senate would not seriously consider impeachment unless the whistleblower testifies… Read More... Read More ››
President Donald Trump on Friday was non-committal about endorsing his former attorney general, Jeff Sessions, in his bid to retake his... Read More ››
As House Democrats prepare for public impeachment hearings next week, White House officials say there is an overlooked ray of good news after Democrats... Read More ››
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