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updated 02:40 PM EDT, Wed August 05, 2020
President Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized former President Barack Obama's eulogy of the late Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., calling it a "terrible" and "angry" speech after his predecessor made a plea for lawmakers to... Read Full Story ››
Aboard Air Force One on Friday, President Donald Trump told reporters, “As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United... Read More ››
Most developed countries, especially in Europe, ban mail-in voting to fight vast fraud and vote buying that had threatened the integrity of their... Read More ››
President Donald Trump's campaign manager called for more and earlier debates with Democratic challenger Joe Biden, arguing that early voting will... Read More ››
Senate Republicans are conflicted about what to do if a Supreme Court seat becomes vacant during the remainder of President Donald Trump's first... Read More ››
Herman Cain — the maverick American business czar and Republican presidential candidate who campaigned for a sweeping tax reform plan called 9-9-9... Read More ››
Listen to network or cable news and you will hear that the November election is over. Joe Biden has a growing double-digit lead over President Donald... Read More ››
The Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse and federal officers continue to be targeted night after night in Portland, but some in the media are downplaying the... Read More ››
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reportedly put a plan into motion to root out leakers. Meadows, a former Republican congressman from North... Read More ››
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Monday insisted that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendations on the coronavirus pandemic are... Read More ››
Activity within the Justice Department indicates U.S. Attorney John Durham is working to bring the first indictments as part of a criminal investigation... Read More ››
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