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updated 11:33 AM EDT, Wed September 15, 2021
Top Republicans began calling Tuesday for the scalp of the nation’s top military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark. Milley, over a report he circumvented then-President Donald Trump by reassuring China about the president... Read Full Story ››
Democrats say getting the $3.5 trillion social spending plan through the House is going to be a tough road, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi only being... Read More ››
The Biden administration is reportedly preparing to support the lift of the United Nations sanctions on the Taliban, which would be a step toward... Read More ››
So far, the Democrats’ proposals for increasing revenue include some form of smoke and mirrors and not much else… Read More... Read More ››
We have been informed by all the smart people that the Senate map next year is going to be tough for Republicans, but liberal dreams die hard.... Read More ››
If Joe Biden has been consistent about anything since assuming the presidency, it has been his pathological habit to get stuck on one colossal mistake... Read More ››
The Republican National Committee said Thursday it will sue President Biden over his new draconian COVID-19 vaccine mandates when they go into... Read More ››
Sen. Lindsey Graham believes the United States will need to return to Afghanistan as the Taliban-controlled country reemerges as a global terror... Read More ››
The bungled evacuation of Afghanistan (“surrender” seems the more appropriate word, considering the massive war materiel left behind intact... Read More ››
While President Biden faces criticism over who was left in Afghanistan, there are growing questions about who was evacuated — and House Freedom... Read More ››
Political pundits are focusing on Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan as a political blunder by the president and our military leaders,... Read More ››
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