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updated 04:30 PM EDT, Fri April 06, 2018
The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that chief of staff John Kelly told Trump last week he thinks Scott Pruitt needs to be fired over allegations that he violated eth​ics guidelines.... Read Full Story ››
President Trump will hold a campaign rally in North Dakota later this month, focusing on his summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un as well as economic... Read More ››
BREA, Calif. — Confused and frustrated, a growing number of Democrats are blaming their own party as they seek to avert a drubbing in... Read More ››
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday called for more armed school safety personnel, better school security and better access to mental health... Read More ››
Don’t be fooled by the terminology. Net neutrality isn’t a tech term that will be hard for you to comprehend. You will get it in an instant,... Read More ››
President Donald Trump on Thursday strongly pushed the claim that the FBI spied on his campaign with an inside informant. Trump's comments came in... Read More ››
President Trump on Tuesday thanked Chinese President Xi Jinping for his “kind words” about lowering auto import tariffs, amid heightened... Read More ››
The super PAC affiliated with Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is warning donors that political conditions for the Republican Party have not been... Read More ››
The head of the Senate committee that oversees the Environmental Protection Agency is blasting two Democratic senators for releasing "sensitive"... Read More ››
Newly ascended national security advisor John Bolton effectively fired longtime homeland security advisor Tom Bossert in a surprise move Tuesday.... Read More ››
The one-time Team Trump honcho was already in hot water. And that was before an ex-employee led an FBI agent to a storage locker filled with... Read More ››
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