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updated 04:16 PM EDT, Mon March 27, 2017
President Trump is leaving behind the failed health care bill and forging ahead with plans for massive tax cuts, but the same forces that doomed the repeal of Obamacare — united opposition from Democrats and divided Republicans — threaten... Read Full Story ››
Tuesday’s edition of the Federal Register contains new rules for cellphone service providers in rural areas, royalty rates, and civil penalties.... Read More ››
The Senate Intelligence Committee is seeking to interview President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as part of its investigation into ties... Read More ››
Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware predicted Monday that Republicans will “almost certainly” have to resort to the “nuclear” option to... Read More ››
All the allegations about his ties to Russia, the Trump associate insists, are ridiculous.... Read More ››
Republicans' years-long quest to repeal and replace President Obama's failing healthcare scheme suffered a devastating blow on Friday, as President... Read More ››
Trump's 1987 book, The Art of the Deal, includes passages that seem to explain why he may have decided to abandon the AHCA after promising to... Read More ››
President claims Berlin owes Washington money for 'the powerful, and very expensive, defense' it provides... Read More ››
Despite Republican assurances that North Carolina's "bathroom bill" isn't hurting the economy, the law limiting LGBT protections will... Read More ››
Database contains photos of half of US adults without consent, and algorithm is wrong nearly 15% of time and is more likely to misidentify black... Read More ››
Republican mega-donors Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer attended a conference at the Heartland Institute last week, where speakers repeatedly... Read More ››
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