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updated 01:08 PM EDT, Thu July 19, 2018
President Donald Trump said in an interview aired Thursday morning that his "dream" opponent in 2020 would be former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden, who considered running for president in the 2016 election, recently said he would... Read Full Story ››
Immigration has surged to the top of the list of when Americans are asked what issue is the most pressing problem facing the country, according to... Read More ››
Republicans voted down a motion introduced by two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to subpoena President Trump’s translator…... Read More ››
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., charged Thursday that hatred for President Trump that members of the Senate now seem more willing to risk rising tensions with... Read More ››
The Republican National Committee plans to brand Democrats in the midterm elections as militant and extremist, spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany... Read More ››
My first inkling that Donald Trump might actually become President came about mid-evening on election night, 2016, when I switched to MSNBC to look at... Read More ››
“Undecided” is the leading 2020 presidential choice for Democratic primary and caucus voters, the latest indication that none of the estimated... Read More ››
According to a new study, California and other liberal states have the greatest percentage of young adults living with their parents… Read... Read More ››
The fight over the next Supreme Court nominee could claim several legislative victims in the Senate this year… Read More... Read More ››
The House voted Thursday to impose a one-week deadline on the Justice Department to turn over sensitive documents detailing the FBI’s handling of... Read More ››
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has resigned herself to her fate — whatever that fate may be. Asked about the growing number of candidates with backing... Read More ››
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