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updated 02:44 PM EDT, Mon May 23, 2022
Senate Republicans are lining up against a House-passed bill that sets up offices in the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the FBI to target domestic terrorism, comparing it to the recently paused disinformation board set... Read Full Story ››
On Thursday, Republicans introduced legislation dubbed a “Women’s Bill of Rights” that Democrats won’t like at all. Why? Democrats... Read More ››
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, one of 11 Senate Republicans to vote against the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine, responded to Senate Minority Leader... Read More ››
In the immediate aftermath of the massacre in Buffalo, New York, where a deranged white supremacist killed 10 people, elite opinion quickly settled on... Read More ››
Rep. Ted Budd, one of the first candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump in the 2022 cycle, won the Republican Senate nomination... Read More ››
Rep. Markwayne Mullin is seeking to "bring Oklahoma values" to the swamp in a crowded Senate Republican primary race, with the primary... Read More ››
The Biden administration refuses to take responsibility for inflation. Biden blames everyone but himself. He blames railroads, energy companies, shipping... Read More ››
With primary season in full swing and the general election field taking shape, the Republicans’ agenda of what they’ll do if they retake the... Read More ››
The Biden administration’s announcement of creating a new Disinformation Governance Board reveals desperation in the face of Americans waking up... Read More ››
Incumbent Representative Alex Mooney has won the Republican primary race for West Virginia's Second Congressional District with more than 50% of the... Read More ››
The United States Senate on Monday night rushed through approval for a bill beefing up protection for Supreme Court justices amid escalating threats... Read More ››
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