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updated 09:50 AM EDT, Fri June 18, 2021
Pressure is mounting on congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden after 11 GOP senators signaled their support for a bipartisan infrastructure deal. At the heart of the matter is whether Democrats can corral both moderates and progressives... Read Full Story ››
On what planet is it a good idea to give a potential adversary a list of things you do not want him to attack?... Read More... Read More ››
There are few, if any, political issues that now generate the breadth and intensity of bipartisan backlash as does the rise of Big Tech… Read... Read More ››
Friday, disgraced and fired former number two at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, used some very interesting language about John Durham’s investigation into... Read More ››
President Joe Biden wants to pay for a new infrastructure plan by taxing corporations, but Republicans would prefer to use gasoline tax revenues... Read More ››
Sen. Joe Manchin said Tuesday he hasn’t budged on his opposition to Democrats’ sweeping election overhaul bill following a... Read More ››
Vice President Kamala Harris was seemingly unprepared when she was pressed about not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border during her interview on NBC News that... Read More ››
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was slammed on social media after sharing photos of her grandmother’s Hurricane Maria-ravaged home in Puerto... Read More ››
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is first among equals as Senate Republicans recruit challengers they believe can deliver them the majority in... Read More ››
A new grassroots group launched Monday to take conservatives on offense against cancel culture. The group, “Unsilenced Majority” aims... Read More ››
For the first month after leftists conceded that COVID-19 in America was a problem, they responded with some scientific rationality (although tempered... Read More ››
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