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updated 02:13 PM EDT, Tue June 27, 2017
Facing intransigent Republican opposition, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has told senators he will delay a vote on his legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, dealing President Trump an embarrassing setback on a key... Read Full Story ››
Among the uninsured, the test that saved Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s life can cost from $1,000 up to as much as $10,000. McConnell paid... Read More ››
Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal Jay Sekulow approved plans to push people to give to his Christian nonprofit, which then paid big sums to his... Read More ››
How can you be told the president of the U.S. knew last August the Russians were, in fact, involved in this and not ask him and ask him under oath? I mean,... Read More ››
Top White House adviser Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, has added another big name to his legal team in the Russian election hacking... Read More ››
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who resigns from Congress at the end of the week, said Monday he believes members of the House and Senate should receive a... Read More ››
After much turmoil at the House of Mouse, Disney announced Trump will speak in its famous Hall of Presidents attraction.... Read More ››
Speaker Paul Ryan called Tuesday for people to ignore the cable news "bickering," pointing instead to the progress Ryan said Congress is making.... Read More ››
A group of fifty-eight Republican congressmen sent a letter to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Monday asking that she recuse herself from the... Read More ››
David Zaikin made Russian energy deals, advised Eastern European parties, brokered condos at Toronto’s Trump Tower, and teamed up with the man who... Read More ››
A video released Tuesday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas shows a CNN producer speaking candidly about the network’s coverage of... Read More ››
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