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updated 03:30 PM EDT, Thu May 21, 2020
President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested he could hold a modified Group of Seven (G-7) summit at the White House amid the coronavirus pandemic, telling reporters he would likely have a final decision by next week. Trump expressed confidence that the... Read Full Story ››
Don't expect fast action on the next coronavirus stimulus package, known on Capitol Hill as "phase 4." Senior sources in the Republican... Read More ››
Give President Donald Trump a second term, and he will produce a second economic boom. That is the president’s promise as he encourages states... Read More ››
President Donald Trump kept up his tweeting Sunday night by including a claim that the media is exaggerating the lethality of the coronavirus... Read More ››
President Donald Trump blamed Democrats on Monday for any delays Americans see in receiving additional unemployment funds provided under coronavirus... Read More ››
As the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic turns out to be far less deadly than previously feared, certain segments of the population are... Read More ››
President Donald Trump took the fight directly to the media this week, playing a video of all of their poor coverage of the coronavirus outbreak and... Read More ››
Democrats in Georgia are vowing to take revenge against a colleague who voiced his support for President Trump but said he would remain a Democrat. Read... Read More ››
Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin appear to be inching closer to a deal provide $250 billion in... Read More ››
Woman Who Claims to Be a Nurse Threatens to Withhold Ventilator From Trump Supporters   A woman who claims to be a nurse threatened to withhold... Read More ››
Mainstream media has been parroting Chinese talking points throughout the pandemic, from arguing that it’s racist to describe coronavirus as being... Read More ››
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