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updated 01:23 PM EDT, Wed August 15, 2018
When I visit Des Moines Wednesday, I will deliver a message to the hard-working men and women of the Hawkeye State, on behalf of President Trump. We’re delivering results for Iowa — and we’re just getting started. Just look at... Read Full Story ››
President Trump on Wednesday praised the results of Tuesday's GOP primaries, declaring that the Republican Party had “the team we want”... Read More ››
Late-night host Stephen Colbert said Tuesday that the primary elections so far seem to show that U.S. voters are mostly turned off by socialist candidates,... Read More ››
Senate Republican leaders are focused on passing legislation that appeals to independent and swing voters in the final weeks before the midterm... Read More ››
If President Trump sits for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, he will testify he never told former FBI Director James... Read More ››
Michael Avenatti, the lawyer to porn star Stormy Daniels, rejected first lady Michelle Obama's message of positivity when he spoke at the Democratic... Read More ››
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes declared Sunday that Hillary Clinton's campaign "colluded" with nearly every top official... Read More ››
Score another victory for President Trump. The U.S. and Europe recently agreed to work through their differences on trade policy, which has long been... Read More ››
Friday morning, 26-year-old software developer David Casarez put on a shirt and tie, grabbed his homemade cardboard sign saying “Homeless —... Read More ››
President Trump renewed a call Tuesday night for voter ID in the U.S., pointing to examples of Democrats pushing to allow non-citizens to... Read More ››
Democratic Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Tom Carper of Delaware introduced a bill on Tuesday to add questions to the United States census regarding... Read More ››
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