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updated 10:05 AM EDT, Mon January 24, 2022
Texas Rep. Michael McCaul on Sunday blasted the Biden administration's handling of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin "smells weakness" in President Biden's... Read Full Story ››
Arizona’s Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has filed suit against President Joe Biden’s administration seeking to prevent Washington from taking... Read More ››
The State Department announced Sunday evening that if Russia invades Ukraine, the U.S. government won't be able to get Americans trapped behind enemy... Read More ››
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said during an interview on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s inability to express a coherent message on foreign policy... Read More ››
What’s going on at Rep. Henry Cuellar’s, D-Texas home? I only ask because it was swarmed by FBI agents yesterday... Read More... Read More ››
The Democrats know that their two foremost adversaries beyond conservative groups and the GOP are President Donald Trump and Florida governor Ron... Read More ››
Two top Republican senators want the Secret Service’s full travel records on Hunter Biden and are criticizing the agency for years of... Read More ››
Yesterday, Democrats in D.C. and the mainstream media gave themselves over completely to a look back at January 2021 and the extraordinary horrors of a... Read More ››
Following significant backlash from the right, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, acknowledged Thursday it was a “mistake” to refer to the Jan. 6 Capitol... Read More ››
I've just completed a marathon of listening to six hours of Joe Rogan interviewing two doctors — first Peter McCullough, then Robert... Read More ››
This year, Jan. 6 will be commemorated with all the ballyhoo and rigamarole Democrats and their media allies can muster. CNN plans an entire special around... Read More ››
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