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updated 03:36 PM EDT, Fri December 15, 2017
Republican Sen. Marco Rubio will vote for his party's $1.5 trillion tax bill, his spokeswoman said Friday afternoon.... Read Full Story ››
The administration has cut 22 regulations for every new rule introduced, President Donald Trump announced at the White House Thursday.... Read More ››
A well-known women’s rights lawyer sought to arrange compensation from donors and tabloid media outlets for women who made or considered making... Read More ››
Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, a House conservative who has led the charge against the Russia investigation and calls for a second special counsel, said... Read More ››
Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff on Friday tweeted that he's "increasingly worried" that Republicans are planning to shut down the House... Read More ››
President Donald Trump slightly changed his frequent complaint about "fake news" by complimenting "about 30 percent" of the journalists... Read More ››
President Donald Trump should be agreeable to the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election if he believes that there was no collusion, said... Read More ››
Planned Parenthood Chief Cecile Richards on Friday blasted House Speaker Paul Ryan over his callout to women to have more children.... Read More ››
Ailing Republican Senators. John McCain and Thad Cochran will be able to cast their votes for the GOP tax package next week.... Read More ››
Democratic Sen. Tom Carper on Thursday, hours after a story published in The Washington Free Beacon, admitted to slapping his former wife 37 years ago... Read More ››
President Donald Trump is calling for the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing a police officer.... Read More ››
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